There There has a strong drinks menu including tweaked 70's classics, some original cocktails with an extensive spirits range plus a wide but incredible wine offering. There There follows current and future trends such as the growing craft beer industry which has taken Australia by storm. All are chosen to be palatable without having a palate of a critic. We tailor these to our demographic as much as we can with a range of all flavour spectrums; sweet, sour, fruity, savoury, salty and of course.... fun. Specialising in our beer and creative cocktails, the There There experience is not only an enjoyable one but something completely different in Greater Geelong.



Our cocktails are created so anyone can access them. No ingredient is so obscure that it needs explaining, but every cocktail is very approachable to everyone asking. There there's concept consists of the very basic elements of flavor, including different pairings of familiar flavours, interesting pairings and some intriguing in-house concoctions. Our seasonal menus meet most of our local produce demands with also compromising to our beautiful Geelong scene (which will undoubtedly always be our mission). Let us take you on a 70's inspired journey with our friendly and knowledgeable staff.



This menu is compiled of every different type of current beer trend with our very own selection of local and awesome beers. We don't just choose what everyone wants to see but what everyone should see and why beer is becoming the new wine of today. With certain styles like the common pale ale to the strange styles of the goes, There There will always be able to offer you the best and the uttermost unique beers across Australia.